The key difference between a Comprehensive and a Concentrated package is that the Comprehensive Package has all our theory content, bridging courses included. At the same time you get more Essay tutoring and private tutoring. With the Comprehensive package you can also expect priority support. 

It’s really about peripherals. There is nothing to build the fundamentals in the Concentrated Package Program – students are expected to enter with a sound level of understanding so they can access questions. 

The Comprehensive Program Facilitates this by:

  • Atlas Theory Videos - More than 20 hours of recorded content/videos to bring you up to speed
    $799 value
  • Atlas Topic Summaries - More than 150 2-3 page documents explaining how to study for every topic in our curriculum, how it is GAMSAT relevant, what depth to go to etc. the ultimate modular GAMSAT textbook.
  • Bridging Tutorials (45 hours of in person classes to take you through the most important theory concepts)
    $1599 value
  • A designated Private Essay Tutor with 1 hour per week, 6 hours more tutoring and 12 essays more
    $799 value
  • 4 hours of Section 1 or 3 Private Tuition to be used at any point
    $399 value
  • Ideas Day
    $199 value
  • Priority Support
    $299 value

So as you can see there is a significant difference both from a developmental standpoint and also individual value of course components which then come discounted in the overarching programs. For a detailed breakdown of the differences, please refer to this table:

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